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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Keeping everyone safe at Howden Court Hotel 
Please read the following information in full. 
In line with UK government guidelines and associated hotel industry advice relating to us being able to open, we trust you will accept the needs for the below actions to be implemented. Your booking is accepted on the understanding of all these COVID-19 restrictions, which may be amended at any COVID staying-covid-19-secure-accessibletime without notice. 
Please adhere to the government’s social distancing rule of ‘one meter plus’. 
In a bit more detail, though not an exhaustive list and in no particular order of priority: 
Payments: All bookings, either for coach guests or private guests should be made prior to arrival. Please call us for details on 01803294844. Credit and Debit cards are accepted. All holiday payments should be made in full prior to holiday commencement date. 
Prior to arrival: Please ensure all governments travel restrictions are kept to. Any guest feeling ill or having symptoms before arriving at Howden Court Hotel will need to postpone their booking for a later date. 
Guest PPE: We strongly advise all guests to download the UK government recommended track and trace app, if available, prior to arrival and to carry PPE such as personal hand sanitisers, face coverings and disposable gloves. There is a chemist just next to two doors away, along with other chemists and stockists in the town centre, which are able to assist in providing PPE. Guests should ensure they wash hands for at least twenty seconds regularly. 
Staff PPE: Unless staff have been using PPE to carry out their duties prior to Covid, then the Government have stated that there is no need to utilize PPE as a general rule. Instead the emphasis must be on: social distancing, good hygiene, washing hands often and for at least 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer where hand washing cannot be performed. Staff that will use facemasks, gloves are room attendants, when carrying out deep cleansing of guest bedrooms on departure days. Waiters and waitresses will use facemasks when serving food. Staff and guests to wear facemasks in and around the reception area/communal areas. 
Your welcome at Howden Court Hotel: A reception screen is in place. All guests have a temperature check upon arrival. Guests travelling onboard the Howden Court Hotels own coach will have their temperature checked before they are able to board the coach. We trust all will be well. However, if any person is found to have a temperature of and above 38c or displaying symptoms including a persistent cough, loss of taste or smell then the guest and their party (if travelling with companions) will not be allowed to board the coach. They will be advised to move the booking to an alternative date. Guests that arrive at the hotel by alternative transport will be temperature checked, if the temperature is above the accepted level then we will have no option but to bar entry. We will not risk the spread of the virus to staff, guests or ourselves and family. Guests will not be able to stay and will need to return home, they should report for a COVID-19 test and self-isolate. 
Track & Trace. Information regarding All of our hotel guests is collected prior to guests arrival ie. Name, Address, Contact number. This information is held on file and is available for use for Track & Trace should a Covid 19 incident occur. Guests should also utilize the Track & Trace QR Code which is prominantly displayed on the reception desk screen. You should download the NHS Covid 19 app to allow track & trace to operate.  
NOTE -Sanitised room keys are normally placed in door locks but may also be issued once Check in formalities are completed for private guests. 
Luggage: Although staff are able to assist with luggage, the hotel industry advice at the moment is for guests to carry their own luggage where possible. We will obviously help where needed, staff will then thoroughly wash their hands. 
Hand sanitiser: Hand sanitiser is available at various locations in the hotel for staff and guest use. Please note that we also request that guests bring along their own sanitizer and facemasks to use when they are exploring areas in and around Torquay/Devon. 
Breakfast and Evening meals: we pride ourselves on consistently maintaining a “Food Hygiene” rating of ‘5’, however we have had to amend our service. We are no longer able to provide a buffet breakfast, all food will be taken to your table In the dining room (you are still able to make your own toast). For meal times you will be allocated a table, this will be reserved solely for your use throughout your stay. We can offer room service for breakfast and evening meals. Food choices must be pre-ordered and will be taken to your bedroom by tray. We remain able to accommodate most dietary needs and ask you to inform us of such needs at time of booking or prior to arrival. 
The Bar: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are still available and served by staff. A Screen is situated across the bar counter to protect staff and guests from cross contamination. Table service only. Room tabs will be utilized and guest can settle at the end of their stay or partway through their stay if they wish. Tabs must be paid for at reception. Cash is not accepted. NOTE - WE ARE NOW ALLOWED TO HAVE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ALLOWING FOR ADEQUATE SOCIAL DISTANCING. As at 2nd December 2020, last orders at the bar for 10.00pm and drinking up time until 11.00pm. 
Room servicing: All rooms are cleaned with the use of a ‘ULV Fogging mister’ prior to arrival. In line with industry advice, like other hotels, guests with a booking of seven nights or less will not have their rooms serviced. Guests with a booking of more than seven nights will have their rooms serviced on the seventh day, including staff using the ‘ULV-mister’. Throughout your stay replacement of the usual complimentary beverage items and toiletries are available from reception for all guests on request. Bins are to be left outside rooms for emptying each day (placed thoughfully to avoid a trip hazard). 
Toilets: Hotel toilets in the bar area will be available for use, however to reduce risk it is preferable for guests to use the facilities within their bedroom. Please wash hands for a minimum of twenty seconds. Hand washing signs are placed in the toilet areas. Soap is readily available. Sanitizer station is located in the bar near the toilets. 
All laundry: Laundry at Howden Court Hotel is cleaned by a National Laundry Service with many years experience within the hospitality hospital/care sector, ensuring a consistent high quality of cleanliness. 
Public areas: When moving around the hotel, could we remind guests to maintain the required ‘one meters’ plus social distancing and take note of any additional signs. Hand sanitiser is available around the Hotel for your use. Please maintain the ‘one meter plus’ social distance from all other people where possible. Please avoid crossing with others on the stairs and corridors. Staff will frequently sanitise door handles and surfaces around the Hotel. 
Non-resident guests: We are usually more than happy for you to meet and entertain non-resident guests at Howden Court Hotel. However, during these unpredictable times only resident guests are permitted in the hotel and gardens. 
In an unlikely event: If a guest develops any signs or symptoms - including a persistent cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell - while staying at Howden Court Hotel, the guest must inform the hotel reception immediately. The affected guest and their party should return home immediately (if safe to do so) whilst still obeying social distancing rules. When home they should seek medical help immediately by calling the NHS on 111. They should also request for a test. If for any reason the guest cannot return home immediately this would need to be discussed and assessed with senior hotel staff with the guest covering any additional cost of such a stay. The guest would need to remain in quarantine until a forward journey home has been planned. Note – for guests on a coaching holiday, they would not be permitted to use the coach to return home for obvious reasons on spreading the virus to fellow passengers and the driver. 
At the end of your holiday, on your departure: In order to assist in social distancing, we request you settle any outstanding bills with our staff the evening before departure, using ‘contactless’ payments where possible. A receipt for all payments will be issued to guests. Although staff are able to assist with luggage, the hotel industry advice is for guests to carry their own luggage when possible. In the unlikely event you are affected by COVID-19 within fourteen days of your departure, please follow the ‘test and trace’ process and inform us at Howden Court Hotel on: 01803 294844 you can also e-mail to: 
While this information is not an exhaustive list and may be amended at any time without notice, we trust we have provided you with enough information about your time with us at Howden Court Hotel. 
Regardless of the restrictions that we have had to put in place, we really do want to you to have a fantastic holiday, to enjoy this beautiful part of the Devon and then to take away some fond memories for years to come. 
Peter & Gail Fannon 
Howden Court Hotel Ltd 
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